1. เปาะเปี๊ยะทอด
Thai Spring Roll 9.00 (4 pieces)
Deep fried spring roll stuffed with bean thread noodles and mushroom,
served with house sauce.

2. หมู/ไก่สะเต๊ะ
Thai Satay 10.00 (4 pieces)
Pork or chicken marinated in mixture of spices, broiled and
served with peanut sauce.

3. เกี๊ยวกรอบ
Ghiaw Grob 9.95 (10 pieces)
Crispy wonton stuffed with chicken and vegetables,
served with spicy house sauce.

4. ทอดมันปลา
Tod Mun Goong 12.00 (4 pieces)
Deep fried shrimp cakes, served with cucumber sauce.

5. ช่อม่วง 🌶
Cho Muang 11.00 (6 pieces)
Flower shaped dumpling filled with chicken and spices.

6. เต้าหู้ทอด
Tofu Tord 9.00
Deep fried tofu, served with house sauce.

7. ปีกไก่ยัดไส้ 🌶
Stuffed Chicken Wing 11.50 (4 pieces)
Deep fried deboned chicken wing stuffed with bean thread noodles,
mushroom and carrot,
served with mild house sauce.

8. ปลาหมึกย่าง 🌶
Pla Muek Yaang 10.00
Barbecued squid, served with mild house sauce.

Side Order

Hot Sauce 3.50 🌶

Peanut Sauce 3.50


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